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Who We Are

Community ReStart develops grassroots initiatives to resolve our community’s most significant unmet needs guided by collaboration, creativity and highly cost-effective approaches. The membership based, social service, nonprofit organization that began in 2008 is addressing a range of objectives to meet Pittsfield’s needs.

Provide a residency program, food security, employment, sobriety support, health maintenance and community-resource access. Through advocacy, education and volunteering, Community ReStart empowers people and facilitates responsible citizenship.


  • Provide safe, secure, drug and smoke free, low cost residency program
  • Support those graduating from a recovery program and reduce recidivism
  • Help the development of productive citizens through personal growth workshops
  • Provide day labor jobs to competent underemployed workers
  • Offer affordable qualified laborers, especially for our senior home owners
  • Provide healthy nutrition to local Berkshire pantries and meal sites, as well as to our clients, through a network of local gardens and food suppliers
  • Reduce city blight

Community ReStart
Co-Act, Inc.



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